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Udon Girl

The story of my misfortune

Not so good hello to everyone! :(

Today is a very, very bad day because I suck at microwave ovens again. For the second time around.

I'm not really sure what I was during my past life that the microwaves have these deep grudges thrown upon me.

As a matter of fact, i just tried to cook Nicholas' meal in a microwave safe plastic container when I set up the timer in less than a minute. And in that less than a minute, a small fire started fiercefully which burned the microwave safe plastic container!

Thank goodness i was monitoring the microwave that as soon as i saw the fire, I panicked crazily calling the attention of my superiors that hurriedly took out the fire in one blow!

Bugoy and Nicholas were constantly scorning me to our Department's Managers that i feel very. very much lamentable at my misfortune.

I am so, so miserable. :(

With love,
Udon Girl