The Misadventures of Udon Girl is entirely fictional. Perhaps it doesn't even exist. No animals were harmed in the making of its articles. Any and all resemblances to real people, places, or things dead or living are entirely coincidental. Its content is not publicized in any way, shape, or form, and is purely for the entertainment of its creator.
Udon Girl

The Thing About Washing Machines

Our washing machine broke down recently, so I made a trip with Mummy Dearest to look for a new one a while ago.

We were very, very disturbed at the big-ass electronics store after discovering that some washers can cost up to P64,000. I’m not sure about you, but if I have P64,000 to spare, I will spend it on something more useful, such as a year’s worth of KFC finger licking good.

I was thus very happy to chance upon a model which cost under P25,000. I was also very happy because the sales promoter was a Yummy Looking Thing.

Me: May I know the capacity of the machine?

Yummy Looking Sales Promoter: It’s 9kg, Ma'am, good enough to handle daily laundry for a family of four.

Me: Oh! That’s good! Haha, but it’s a family of two because I am still single, haha. . . .

At this point, I decided to impress Yummy Looking Sales Promoter by asking an intellectual question to show I'll be a good housewife in the future for my expertise in household chores especially about using washing machines.

Me: I am very impressed by your professional knowledge! Before I commit to making a purchase, may I know where is the location of the detergent compartment? I’ve tried looking for it for the past few minutes, but couldn’t find it anyway in this washing machine, haha. . . .

Yummy Looking Sales Promoter: . . . .

Yummy Looking Sales Promoter: Ma'am, this is not a washing machine.

Yummy Looking Sales Promoter: It’s a dryer.

With Love,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl

The Story about being exposed.

Hi Everyone..

i woke up groggy this morning because i havent got any good sleep last night after i found out that my blog has been found out.

And i was terribly disturbed when Hot Young TL commented on my birthday greeting to him with "Thanks Udon Girl! hehehe."

And what's more troubling is that my Boss might have also read this blog after mentioning Hot Young TL to someone in the office.

Thus, i quickly asked Programming Stalker if my hunch was true, which he apparently replied yes. At that instance, my brain cells go like this.

And next thing i thought of doing so was to bang my head against the wall like this.

And now that my dark colors have been revealed, most probably, everyone knew that i always sometimes slack in work, that i have hidden desires for Hot Young TL, and that i was printing out cooking recipes when nobody's looking, and one of the responsibles of spoilting the copier.

Much to my terror, i confided my concerns to my best friend to seek her solace which turned out to be not a very good option.

Me: I'm so dead, dude. I'm so dead.... *bawls*


Evil Spinster: That's ok dude!You're so cool!

Me: It's not like that dude. My Boss might have found out that I sometimes slept in the loo. *bawls harder*


Me: Now that i have a bad background in the company, how will i ever put my Boss in the character references of my resume... *bawls hardest*

Me: And you know how careful i was to keep my fetishes to Hot Young TL from being spilled. Now I won't be able to pursue my secret plans of accidentally bumping into him at San Miguel. *sniff* *sniff*

Evil Spinster: HAHA! Cheer up dude, think of the bright side. Atleast now you don't have to painstakingly confess to Hot Young TL! And besides, you're not working there anymore, so who cares?

Me: Really? *seeing a light of relief*

Evil Spinster: It's just that they are probably laughing at you in the office by now. Well, you were always the laughing stock in the office to begin with. NYAHAHAHA! LOLSLMAOROFLBBQ

I felt like bitch-slapping her. I dont know why I'm still friends with her, meh. T__T

With depression,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl


The Misadventures of Udon Girl is entirely fictional. Perhaps it doesn't even exist. No animals were harmed in the making of its articles. Any and all resemblances to real people, places, or things dead or living are entirely coincidental. Its content is not publicized in any way, shape, or form, and is purely for the entertainment of its creator.

So please do not believe or even consider the nonsensical rants of the author of this blog. I beg you. I'm on my kneesss!!!! T__T

Udon Girl


I was kinda shocked when i found out that this blog is getting views than i expected. So far, little increase of digits would reach a thousand. AND THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT A GOOD IDEA. I am damn so anxious whether it was found out by my former officemates.

OMG, i'll be so dead. I hope Hot Young TL won't know he's that hot young TL i was talking about my previous posts... :-/

With love,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl

Christmas Gift Exchange (outdated post)

Hi Everyone!

I found this post written on my notepad dated back when i was still in Emerson in my long lost flashdrive. I might have forgotten to post this since i was very, very busy in the office finishing my work. So there was no way I was such a klutz. Heh

Anyway, to imprint my last carelessness event in Emerson, i decided to still post it. :P

December 14 2010

You know you have no life when you find yourself slaving away in the office at 9pm. If there’s a Santa Claus out there, I would like to have a Baked Bugoy with Honeyed Ham for dinner this year, thank you.

. . . .

A very early Merry Christmas to everyone :D!

I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to Christmas because I will get to sleep till very, very late on Monday. I will also be getting off work early tomorrow because the company is having a Christmas party in the afternoon, and at school too in the evening. heh

Being a very innovative and original firm, we will be doing something extra ordinary than gift exchange at the party, and it's called White Elephant where you can get to steal some awesome gifts! But wait, there's more. My very generous company would be giving away a 1,000 GC for the very unique, funny, and interesting gift! Isn't that a great deal? I'm so excited to shop for a gift at the nearby mall. I hope i could get a good find. Tee-hee!

Oh. Come to think of it, I haven't bought anything yet and I'm still in the office! I hope the nearby mall wont be closing till 9pm or i'll be left out tomorrow with nothing on my hand.. Coz Christmas means receiving gifts meh.

I hope I can be done soon with this device. Oh please, Santa. Fetch me now with your flying reindeers.

With love,
Udon Girl

P.S. Thank goodness the nearby mall was opened till 11pm. I've got to buy a very unique gift! I hope for that lucky someone isn't allergic to hamsters. Hee-hee! Oh i'm so cool!

December 15 2010

Hi Everyone,

Such distressing event came to me during and before the Gift Exchange Party. Because that night when I fed those mice with corn, not too long the other one died. And what's more disturbing is that, the other one that survived seemed to follow his partner in heaven. I was praying and hoping it'll survive till the party.

So early in the morning, my Mum wrapped its cage with a christmas wrapper, and i holed small circles for air. Adding another problem is the stinky smell emitting viciously from that mouse. But i just couldn't afford to replace my gift with a non-living one! It already cost me a fortune! Oh i'm so so so stupid! why did i even think a live mice was such a great idea...

So the party came, and i was shocked when the gifts where opened one by one and nothing funny comes out. But something useful like wines, flash drives, tea cups, and other household stuff. And i was like, just what happened to the theme?!?!

You never know how it nearly gave me a heart attack. I was curling up on my knees, sweating and praying on the corner and Evil Spinster was just there laughing at my misery. I begged for her to choose my gift so nobody else would become a victim of a dead mouse, but failed because I forgot she was a heartless, sadist, evil witch.

So i have no choice but to call out the deities, fairies, and angels, even though i don't believe on them, to please keep that mouse alive until then.. And i don't know why, oh why it took so long for someone to pick it up.. Let that mouse breathe already!!

And there was Evil Spinster laughing at me again.

And so... that lucky someone finally got hold of my gift. And the mouse was still alive.

End of story.

With love,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl

New Year, New Life, New Hopes.

Last year had been kinda crappy.. If i would be blunt, it was full of shit. But what's more amazing is that, inbetween those sucky moments, you never expect the simplest things to cheer you up and make you smile. The fine weather, gazing out at the starry night sky, watching the flowers bloom, looking up at clear blue sky, curling up on the pouring rain, and also... at some end of the day, you find one person, reaching out his hand.. embracing you amidst of the downturns. And somehow, in its own little way, it became, indeed, splendid.

Now that a new year has just begun, im sure i'll be able to face everything with a stronger will. the past year had taught me a lot of things, and it gave me courage to move forward.

With open arms wearing my widest smile, í'll say, Welcome 2011. I'm looking forward to what you'll bring ahead. :)