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Udon Girl

EK + Halloween

if i would be spelling awesome, it would be my Emerson co-interns. i just got home from a super fun day reunion at EK with them and we had a blast!

Sir Jolly Bear Mapuan brought his teddy bear, Ms Gummy Bear Mapuan, i thought it fits her name well because it rhymes with Jolly Bear. and love teams must be named in pair. :D

thus, Scroundel Servant, Ms Suma Bully, and Udon Girl The Great, built a fansclub for the two lovebirds. we were squealing like crazy fangirls whenever there were intimate kilig scenes happening between them.

of course, Scroundel Servant also has a love team too with Mapuan Hot Guy. but it was kinda lame. sucks. it was only good in the picture.

the thing about the rides becoming exciting is when you have someone beside you freaking out and scared. and Ms Suma Bully became a very good entertainment. she was shrieking in fear at Anchor's Away, and screaming bloody murder at Space Shuttle. too bad we weren't able to capture a shot of her in fear. it'll be a great souvenir. Heh

but let me tell you a piece of advise about the free snacks in the stab. never-ever ride a Flying Fiesta, or any other tummy whirling rides after drinking Chuckie. i tell you man, it was a ruthless suffering trying to contain yourself from throwing up.

thank goodness Ice Monster's Mango Smoothie was there to save my poor self from becoming the laughing stock if i really did throw up. the expensive smoothie was worth the price for calming my stomach. :D

and the thing about the new Free Fall at Ek was very, very, disappointing. dont wanna elaborate here. go ride one and pay a hundred bucks to find out and get disappointed too. so that im not the only one who felt sucky. haha!

pictures everyone! :)

notice the girl on the leftmost. i wonder why she's frowning.

nice pout girl! (pertaining the girl in violet shirt)

ah yes. Ice Monster, my savior! :D

some monkeys lost in the wild. that's my Scoundrel Servant on the frontmost.

and due to popular demand, i'll be posting my costume during Halloween. take note that i'm Ron Weasley, not some gay brat like Justin Bieber!!!
Ron Weasley, Kurosaki Ichigo in Bankai form, and some Fallen Angel

i tell you, it's real. not some japanese horror flicks.


With love,
Udon Girl