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Udon Girl

My Very Fantastic Boss

Hello everyone :D!

I was about to leave for work today, when I suddenly miss my Boss very, very much, who took a leave for 3 days to attend her daughter's first day of school.He is really a very good man.

So I stayed back after office hours to compose a poem for him! I'm posting it here so that everyone will know what a wonderful man he is!

Oh Boss!
I have a most wonderful Boss!

His intelligence is comparable to Einstein’s! Because he knows how to fix the spoilt copier!
His foresight is farther than Stamford Raffles’! Because he makes big money at the stock market!
His jokes are funnier than Rowan Atkinson’s! Because his jokes never fail to make me laugh like an idiot!
His strength is mightier than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s! Because he helped me open that ketchup bottle!
His courage is higher than Jack Dawson’s! Because he has no fear of flying roaches!
His singing is better than Michael Jackson’s! Because he wins karaoke contests really often!
His cooking is tastier than Colonel Sanders’! Because his cooking is really tasty!
His magnamity is greater than Mahatma Gandhi’s! Because he forgives employees who make silly mistakes!
His looks are handsomer than Gerald Anderson’s! Because my mother told me so!

Oh Boss!
I have a most wonderful Boss!”

With love,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl

My happy working environment.

Hello everyone! :)

I just want to tell you guys that I really, really love my company. Just in case you're wondering, our company composes of hardworking people, so hardworking that right now, the regulars beside my station have been talking -in a language i do not understand, and laughing for 3 hours straight!!

For you to understand very well, chatting during working hours is very essential to the company, because it strengthens the bond of the employees. Thus, it forms incredible teamwork, and with incredible teamwork, it drives passion, and with passion, it advances the company into much greater success!

I'm really, really pleased that I am in a place in such a happy working environment! I really, really love my company. :)

With love,
Udon Girl