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Udon Girl

Day 3: Farewell and Thank You.

"Nakakalungkot naman.." Is what my boss said.

As we sank on our own train of thought, we paused for a couple of seconds, looking down on our keyboard, until he finally let out a funny giggle. We resumed our work, finishing every job left to be done before i leave.

I never really thought i would somehow.. become attached to this company. Getting accepted here was even the farthest of my idea. I mean, how could a mere student in a small state university, get accepted in this big and competitive company? I remember the day when i was called for an interview. I was really, really, nervous.

I never knew it would be a panel interview until i entered the room. It was scary, and i just stood there, unable to utter a single word. Until one TL, he was a bit young, said I could take my seat. I sighed heavily, finding every courage hidden somewhere. Until the other TL, let out a smile, and jokingly said, "You don't have to be nervous. He's quite good looking, isn't he?" Everybody laughed, until I followed. The interview flowed with a series of questions and laughter. And it became more comfortable to me.. and fun too.

The interview ended smoothly. As i stepped out of the building, I looked at the clear sky and said to myself, if i didn't make it, atleast i gave my very best shot. It was such a fine weather i thought of taking a walk for a while. It wasn't bad.

I got a phone call later that afternoon saying i could immediately start on the next day. I jumped in joy and in disbelief. I did it. I thanked God I did it! It was such a blessing.

My stay in the company was really fun. Work, people, and the foods. Haha! My sole purpose in the beginning was just to gain experience, get paid, and then that's it. But I never expected to get along with everyone.

As days passed by, i met new people, and i've seen few who said goodbye just when you have become attached to them. It was really sad, and it was my first time to really grasp the reality, that people.. do come and go. But then life must go on. And as I've stayed longer, i've got a lot of chances to talk and hang out with many colleagues in the office. It was really fun on and off work. The laughter of Hot Young TL, the funny giggles of my Boss, the funny antics of the Upgrade Team inside the lab, the energetic foreign testers during the parties.. It was never boring working in the lab with them. I would surely miss them..

My bosses commemorated our leaving by treating us a coffee at Starbucks along with our team. It was nice and heartwarming as well. Being with everyone on our last working day, laughing and talking together.. It was harder to say goodbye.

We went back in the office afterwards. I went back to the lab and since it was kinda late, everybody had gone home and i was left alone inside. This time, i didn't get scared of Typing Maniac Ghost to might appear again, but wishing he would to say goodbye. I opened my TS one last time, rereading some of funny mails, and began typing my farewell note.

When i hit the send button, I turned off some monitors left opened, aligned the chairs, then packed up my things. I glanced one last time, lingering the silence, imprinting every moments in my memories, before i turned off the lights.

On my note, i said, farewell.. and thank you.

Udon Girl

Day 2: Shopping is love.

I went shopping. Shopping is the best medicine to mend a young girl's heart. It felt so, sooo good i didn't notice my savings went underbalanced.

Floral Dress from Red Chili = P799.75
Maong Blazer from Hot Kiss = P1,300.00
Black Cover Top from Hot Kiss = P549.75
Bootleg black pants from Lee Pipes = P1,100.00
Maskara from Etude House = P375.00
Lip liner from Etude House = P435.25
Liquid Eye liner from Etude House = P165.00
Lace Skirt from Forever 21 = P865.00
Red Skirt from Forever 21 = P999.00
Black Sweat Shirt from Forever 21 = P1,100.00

Maybe it's better to get myself a credit card.

With love,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl

Day 1: Foods are joy.

Today, i didn't feel like waking up and going to work. Eyes were still swelling from last night, and i felt like a loser. I checked the time, it's 9am. Shit, i'll be late.

I jolted and hurriedly ran to the bathroom, took a cat bath, didn't bother to brush my teeth nor touch my breakfast. I shoved my feet on my pair of chucks, ran accross the road and barricaded a jeepney.

whispered bloody hell on the traffic, cursed the elevator for being too slow, and i got in the office at exactly 10.03am. Shittt. salary deductions again.

if this is what they call divine retribution, i wonder if i have lived up to no good until now.

lunch time. i've decided to ditch my diet. cmon, im depressed, and when you're depressed, it's reasonable to treat yourself something nice.

so here's the list of my meal for lunch:

Double porkchop
2 bowls of java rice java rice paired with sunny side up
1 franks hotdog
1 large coke

as for merienda, i got an email from Allowance Processor stating another "Foods at 32nd Pantry."

The Food Scavenger team, which includes me, went straight downstairs and hoard on the tables and quickly grabbed the Nirvana.

On my plate i had:
1 heap of Spaghetti
4 slices of chocolate cake
2 cups of ice cream (the other one i got from Mr Cutie Pie)

Mum called when i was about to log out in the office, inviting me for a nice dinner at Almon Marina.

A package of Cholesterol, Carbs and Fats added on my list:
1 small plate of potato salad
1 platter of Lamb and Pork Kebab
Additional 1 cup of Java rice
1 sandwich of Tuna Melt
A cup of Hot Spanish Chocolate
1 slice of Very Berry Cheesecake

I was bloated. But very much satisfied. Ahhh, life is still so good!!

With love and kisses,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl

Parting Ways

Today, i wrote a letter and bid goodbye to a dearest friend. It wasn't easy.. there's no other way around anyway. You can't just keep someone forever. Seasons change and so are people. And moving on is the hardest part.

With love,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl

EK + Halloween

if i would be spelling awesome, it would be my Emerson co-interns. i just got home from a super fun day reunion at EK with them and we had a blast!

Sir Jolly Bear Mapuan brought his teddy bear, Ms Gummy Bear Mapuan, i thought it fits her name well because it rhymes with Jolly Bear. and love teams must be named in pair. :D

thus, Scroundel Servant, Ms Suma Bully, and Udon Girl The Great, built a fansclub for the two lovebirds. we were squealing like crazy fangirls whenever there were intimate kilig scenes happening between them.

of course, Scroundel Servant also has a love team too with Mapuan Hot Guy. but it was kinda lame. sucks. it was only good in the picture.

the thing about the rides becoming exciting is when you have someone beside you freaking out and scared. and Ms Suma Bully became a very good entertainment. she was shrieking in fear at Anchor's Away, and screaming bloody murder at Space Shuttle. too bad we weren't able to capture a shot of her in fear. it'll be a great souvenir. Heh

but let me tell you a piece of advise about the free snacks in the stab. never-ever ride a Flying Fiesta, or any other tummy whirling rides after drinking Chuckie. i tell you man, it was a ruthless suffering trying to contain yourself from throwing up.

thank goodness Ice Monster's Mango Smoothie was there to save my poor self from becoming the laughing stock if i really did throw up. the expensive smoothie was worth the price for calming my stomach. :D

and the thing about the new Free Fall at Ek was very, very, disappointing. dont wanna elaborate here. go ride one and pay a hundred bucks to find out and get disappointed too. so that im not the only one who felt sucky. haha!

pictures everyone! :)

notice the girl on the leftmost. i wonder why she's frowning.

nice pout girl! (pertaining the girl in violet shirt)

ah yes. Ice Monster, my savior! :D

some monkeys lost in the wild. that's my Scoundrel Servant on the frontmost.

and due to popular demand, i'll be posting my costume during Halloween. take note that i'm Ron Weasley, not some gay brat like Justin Bieber!!!
Ron Weasley, Kurosaki Ichigo in Bankai form, and some Fallen Angel

i tell you, it's real. not some japanese horror flicks.


With love,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl

Halloween Update

Hi all! :)

guess who won the female best in costume for halloween???? :D

for all you guys to know, i may not have worn a Disney Princess, but to hell i'm gonna wear a Sayote Costume. as a matter of fact, i wore something decent during Halloween. Thank goodness my team's theme for the event was Harry Potter characters. I was planning to portray Emma Watson but it was quickly slashed in my list since our team have decided on to give that role to Ms Gossip Girl since it suited more to her face.

so i thought i could portray Ginny but they have responsively decided it on someone whose face suitable.. same to Luna Lovemoon, and Cho Chang..

thus, i ended up with a male character. thank goodness i didn't end up on Sirius Black or Mad eye Moody, or worse. but like i said, it was a decent one. thus, i became Ron Weasley. :)

the sad thing is, no one had recognized i was Ron Weasley. when i quickly jumped out of the restroom, and roamed around the office to boast my costume, they were laughing at me saying, "Oh wow! Justin Bieber!"

i tell you, it sucks man. of all people, Justin Bieber?! i would be more proud if they recognized me as someone like, Brad Pitt, or.. Aaron Carter. Heh

but the thing is, no matter how unbelievable it may be, i got the prize for the best in costume. no wonder our CEOs (Terry and Lloyd) and Sir Art (our dept. manager) eye's were good and i really, really look up to them. they were great judges indeed. =)

i got a 200 worth of Starbucks GC for the prize. oh oh! im so excited to spend them for a cup of coffee and a donut! haha!

With love,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl

dropping out

how do you give up? is it done by deciding to give up and following through it? or is it by taking steps away from your true feelings?

i wonder if someday i will forget the sweet scent of his perfume, the feeling of his sweaty hands, and the warmth of his back..

i wonder if even this pain will all disappear and be forgotten.. all of it.. with nothing left behind.. almost like there was nothing there from the beginning.

Udon Girl

coffee break at work

it's been a lazy weekday at work. which is -- of course -- favorable to me. imagine this, i am being paid in full doing nothing but update my Facebook and Twitter status, visit Scoundrel Servant's workstation and annoy her, take a break for more than an hour twice during working hours, and play Justin Bieber songs in full volume using the office PC while my hardworking Boss is working his ass off, burning eyebrows in his humble workstation.

but actually, i have some pending tasks on queue. but being a test engineer has its perks. you think testing the devices can only be done intensively solely by human power? hum hum. you're way past the century honey. with the progressive innovation spreading nowadays, work can now be automated!

that's right! which just means that i can have the machine to work for me! see how beneficial and essential computers can be? i just couldn't fathom why some old geezers criticize our technology with a lame reasoning that it makes the human race lazy.

and now that i am slacking at work have my work done, i don't have to work OT anymore. i can now spend more time with my Honey, and sleep long.

it's been raining since yesterday. best time to curl up on my bed and borrow my Honey's Hotdog. :D

I mean it with Hotdog pillow you pervert.

With love,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl


Hi all! :)

i just have an exciting news to share to all of you, and i'm very, very excited right now to tell you guys this very, very exciting news. :)

this oct. 29, our beloved company will hold a halloween party!! and guess who's the host of the program?

of course, it's none other than me! and i've been thinking what to wear on that very special event! as a matter of fact, i have listed down the following options:

1. Snow White
2. Cinderella
3. Sleeping Beauty
4. Belle

just for you guys to know, it has always been my dream to become a Disney Princess, and so i thought this would be the perfect chance to make my dream come true.

but sadly, a wicked villain is always there to become an obstacle to one's advancement. Nicholas and Scoundrel Servant teamed up to drag me wear a Plants Vs. Zombies costume!!!!

and my dream to become a Princess was crossed out with a Sayote costume..

Oh i'm so, so miserable. :(

With sadness and despair,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl


your playlist was being played at the office a while ago. somehow, memories flashed back. those funny memories i've kinda missed..

Udon Girl

bummer office girl

new set of interviewees were toured around the office. so far, no new faces to inspire me to work. because the interviewees were my classmates and batchmates and im getting tired to see the same old faces. :(

what's more frustrating is that i'm doing the same thing at work, every single boring day, over and over again. soak, test, soak, test, soak, test. oh where thou excitement hath gone?

Scoundrel Servant said to do something exciting to keep you away from boredom. So far, i endured chatting with no one but my Scoundrel Servant, stuff myself silly with ice cream at ministop, pissed Bugoy, gullible enough to dance in the middle of the convenience store with Nicholas, pissed Bugoy again, then stuff myself silly with ice cream again.

Ah la la la boring life.

Udon Girl

Udon Girl

ending lies

"You're scared to do the right thing, but you're complacent to do the wrong thing?" --Nellie

this was the right thing to do. this was the right step to take. even though i was about to break his heart.

i went to meet him, and confessed everything what my conscience could no longer bear. what's causing my sleepless nights. i was unfair to him this whole time. i decided to end my lies.

after he listened. he turned his back on me without uttering a single word.. covered his face then cried silently. it must have been better if he blew steam on me. it must have been better if he got mad at me. it must have been better if he condemned me. but it was entirely different from what i've expected. that time.. i felt his love and pain.

"let's think about this first." was the only phrase he could yield to say. i cried heavily, thinking how could i have hurt him this much?

this must be the price.. but no matter what happens, i'll win him back.. definitely.

Udon Girl


on that day, when i decided to clear everything. my heart crushed into pieces.

i regret everything i've done. every betrayal i made, and how foolish i've become. i regret the fact for nearly throwing away the 7 years we've been through for the guy i've just known for 2 months.

is this how love really works? you thought he's the man of your life, and then someone will suddenly come to blow it all way.

i'm afraid.. that the feelings you've been holding close for such a long time will turn into lies.

Udon Girl

secrets and lies

in order for secrets to be forever hidden, you must be extra careful. build lies. erase everything. never leave a mark. lock it securely, bury the keys.

i thought i was doing well. but.. before you even know it, traces creep out one by one, leaving a trail for someone to find out. as if these marks wanted to be noticed, to pay the price for the debt you left behind.

a single lie can break a trust. a single lie can break a heart. a single lie can cut the string.

what i'm scared for is to break his heart. he never deserve to get hurt. and i can't afford to lose him either.

Udon Girl

PDA is such a bland term.

today, I was at the bayside and saw a couple sitting alongside, kissing slowly.

it’s strange to watch emotional intimacy.

I mean, it’s one thing to watch movie stars with perfectly misshapen sex-hair and injected lips show off their practiced look of sly seduction and then pant & make out using every trick in the book for a fat paycheck- it’s another to see two strangers trying to express their absolutely inexpressible head-over-heels blind adoration for one another in the form of pressing lips and soft touches.

Udon Girl

Soul Searching?

I called in sick today at work. Even though i wasn't sick at all..

I'm not feeling good.. emotionally.

Udon Girl

Not so happy working environment anymore.

it's been 2 weeks since i last blogged.

it's been 2 weeks since Sir Jolly Bear Mapuan and Ms Suma Bully have left our beloved company.

the truth is, i still can't grasp the reality that they're gone. the times we've shared and the happy moments we've spent.. they still continue to follow me wherever i go in the office. whenever i enter the lab, the minute we ate our lunch, the second i looked back to his empty workstation. i could still see their silhouette and hear their playful giggles.

it's even  frustrating to think that any weeks from now, Mapuan Hot Guy, Ms Ex-Environmentalist, and Pilyong Kerubin will soon leave us too.

And what's more frustrating to think, is that I'll be left again with those bunch of jerks like Scoundrel Servant, Nicholas, and Bugoy. And the only thing that's gratifying enough is that Sweet Young FEU will stay to neutralize the bad vibes.

just like in the office a while ago.. Scoundrel Servant became even more scoundrel by messing my hair when i wasn't looking, Nicholas wringing my neck madly out of the blue, and exposing my embarrassing video in full volume when our bosses weren't around. Hence, making those jerks flock like an idiot, stupidly laughing out loud in the corner.

Just in case you become curious with that video. There's no way in hell i'll post it here even if you beg on your knees or lick my feet. But if you bid something like One Year Supply of KFC finger licking good, I might change my mind. :D

So anyway, the only fun thing happened in the office, is that i was able to sleep comfortably in my workstation for an hour, and in the CR for 45 minutes (beating my last record of 30 mins.). Other than that were hell and torture.

I miss Sir Jolly Bear Mapuan and Ms Suma Bully so very very much. :(

With love and sadness,

Udon Girl

Udon Girl

Welcome back Mapuans! We've missed you! :)

Hi all :(

The love team of Mapuan Hot Guy and Me was tore down. The crush thingy Mapuan Hot Guy pointed out on TV was, in fact, directed to my Scoundrel Servant. Even though I have no romantic feelings towards Mapuan Hot Guy, I was genuinely thrilled at the thought of someone having a crush on me. This is because it was always the other way round all my life. I thought there was finally someone who can see beyond my fugly fa├žade.


Oh well. Now that a new love team has been formed, I am uber kilig and excited to announce that Mapuan Hot Guy and Scoundrel servant are now officially the office's couple! :)

As a matter of fact, the reason why Mapuan Hot Guy is desperately extending his internship in the company, solely for the mere fact of being able to spend more time together with Scoundrel Servant for long. Because I cannot see any other reasons at all! It's not like he loves working here. DUHH? He's just even pretending to be hardworking when I saw him reading Manga and searching on MSN when nobody's looking. He's even an expert in alt-tabbing! And when my Boss was not around, he even left me with all those tangled wires when he was tasked to set up my workstation! He even poked my head in front of Sir Jolly Bear Mapuan!

That's why Scoundrel Servant and Mapuan Hot Guy create a lovely pair since they both enjoy bullying me. But alas, from now on, I'll build muscles regularly to withstand their pranks!

Anyway, I'm so glad the Mapuans were back from their three-day-trip to Baguio. I was very lonely yesterday I've so much missed Sir Jolly Bear Mapuan's impersonations. We were so quiet during lunch, and talked nothing but what might be their pasalubong for us the memories spent together with them.

And so we were really excited when they came back with pasalubongs to share, that made me forget my diet. :) I'm thankful they've come back whole despite the impending revenge of the Chinese. Whew.

The strawberry jams, the Lengwas, and the Choco flakes were really, really delicious they made my tummy very very happy. :)

With love,
Udon Girl

P.S.: Mapuan Hot Guy's pasalubong along with his baggages were snatched by some budol-budol gang when he went home!!!! That budol-budol gang must be having a feast by now yanking his undearwears. And i feel terribly wasted to his pasalubong for us, specially to the peanut brittles, and crinkles. I was even plotting to tease them harrasedly once he handed the pasalubong to Scoundrel Servant. So, so sad... :(

Udon Girl

Escaping Work

Aye, I've been a very, very bad intern to my boss when I actually skipped my work when he's rushing me to complete my report for the device testing that evening.

Because for all you guys to know, it's quite lonely when you've been transfered to another workstation alone with no one else to talk to but to the two Chinese employees transferred here recently. And you guys know the fact that i'm no Chinese and don't speak Chinese. The only Chinese word i know is Ni hao.

To my anxieties, i just heard the news about the hostage taking happened Last Monday. And i was damn scared they might strangle me for what the retired police officer had done and the incompetency of our SWAT team to protect their kind. Even though i wanted to apologise for what happened in my country's behalf, i don't know how to translate 'sorry' in Chinese.

Being a Woman of Action, i went to another Lab where Mapuan Hot Guy was stationed and escaped from my duties because i felt lazy i was lonely.

The moment I stepped into the Lab and saw only Mapuan Hot Guy there alone, I went to check if he's busy. He was, indeed, certainly busy reading Naruto in Mangastream.

But since i'm a concerned intern, i reprimanded Mapuan Hot guy for not doing his job properly even though he's being paid for 280 per day! But then he explained to me that even Hot Young TL read Manga oftenly. I thought it's reasonable enough since our higher ups do it, maybe it's ok to also do it too. Thus I joined reading Manga with him alone in the lab.

But let me clear your dirty mind, that even though it was just the two of us in the lab, we didn't do anything kinky, you pervert.

Being engrossed reading Bleach and Naruto, i didn't notice i'm past my working hours already. So i quickly called Scroundel Servant to get my stuff since it's her duty to always pick me up from work.

Thus, i went home, without finishing my test report to my Boss.

I hope and pray he won't scold me tomorrow, lah..

With love,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl

Strike = Epic Fail

I'm supposed to be drooling in my cozy bed right now. Or even watching a set of artistic films on my lappy. And yet, i'm here, stuck in my puny workstation, typing in the office PC again. 

Unfortunately, my plan to strike failed miserably. Having just one person to support me is hopelessly impossible to ditch the Bald President's unwise decision.. Hence, I fairly considered we would just make a fool out of ourselves and look like an idiot if we still did pursue our propaganda.

And so, I am very, very frustrated just to think that Bald Mr President successfully deprived us of an economic holiday! The reason why I'm so serious about this, is because I need to catch up to my sleep since I've stayed up late watching artistic films last night been working OT these past few days.

Come to think of it, even Hot Young TL went to the office last Sunday just to finish the admin stuff for the sake of our beloved company. See how hardworking laborers like us, sacrificing our family affairs and rest days just to meet the deadlines and the expectations of the higher ups? 

Sad to say, our dear Bald Mr President is too selfish to see the real picture. Thus, I have nothing to say anymore.

To keep you entertained from your workstation, I remember Big Time Mapuan accused me of being unfaithful to Mapuan Hot Guy. I would like to clear such misunderstandings by composing a poem to show my true admiration.

The Yearning Bird

Birds fly high, in the sky
Boy like you, hard to find
You are cute, I am not
But I'm sure our babies, will turn out fine

-August 2010

With love,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl

I heart MAPUAns

Birthdays mean love. Because love means foods. And foods mean lotsa lotsa foods. And lotsa lotsa foods mean blissfulness.

Last Friday was a day of bliss. :)

To share my uber happy blissful moment, I want to thank the birthday celebrants for preparing very delicious foods that made my tummy very, very happy.

As a matter of fact, I'm still full until now.

That's because I had a breakfast of four slices of left-over Pizza. Heh

Anyway, to show my appreciation, I actually composed a poem for you guys! I hope you'll be touched with my sincerity and gratitude by reading my very touching poem. :)

RTUians love MAPUAns

Mapuans are the best,
The best among the rest!
The other day, we ate Pancit Canton,
Yesterday, we ate again, Pancit Canton!

We take our break for an hour and a half
Cos we are the boss and talk nonstop and laugh
After the break, we went back to the office
Straight to our WS and opened the chat conference.

Aye! Aye! Working in the office is so much fun
As long as my co-interns are Mapuans
Please bring foods again on Monday
I don't mind Pancit Canton, but I suggest to bring something like Satay

-August 2010

With love,
Udon Girl

Update: I almost forgot that Bugoy also had his contribution to the foods during the party. And the Mango Crema was really, really yummy, along with the egg pies! To commemorate his generosity, I composed a birthday song especially for him! :)

Happy birthday to you
You are born in the zoo
With gay birds and hippos
May the rhinos rape u
-August 2010

Udon Girl

Tainted Reputation

Hello everyone.

(Please note the punctuation mark used in the sentence above.)

I'm tired of explaining to these grown-ups who misidentify me as 'Misis ni Bugoy' here, and 'Nobya ni Bugoy' there. It's like i've been getting whacked in the face left, right and centre. And getting whacked in the face left, right and centre, is like my dainty reputation has been getting whacked left, right and centre. Seriously people, I cannot conceive how could they create such annoying misconceptions!

As a matter of fact, being a woman with high standards, neither a glint of love, nor romance, nor affection, nor whatever you call it, is there between us!

Truth to be told. There are only TWO FACTORS, enough to explain why we can NEVER be a couple.

1. He hates my guts.
2. I hate his guts.

Colleague A told us that opposite attracts.

And i was like, DUHHH? Can't he see the same pole there?! We BOTH hate each other!!

Colleague B exclaimed the "the more you hate, the more you love" stupid irony.

Ok, so let's say the Ampatuans massacred us in the office because they simply hate us. Which, thus explains the more they love us, eh?

PEOPLE, WAKE UP! Don't be blinded by these false beliefs and become a fool! That's why this country is suffering from declining birth rates because many are victims by these lies!

With love and hate,
Udon Girl

P.S.: I want to greet Bugoy a not so happy birthday, and Mapuan Hot Guy a very happy birthday. :) I look forward to the scrumptious foods on Friday. :)

P.P.S.: Oh and also, to Ms. Suma Cum Laude on 27th. So many celebrants means lotsa, lotsa foods. :) :)

Udon Girl

A one day superstar. :)

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a flashy day, because i had a flashy day! Literally. :)

That's because someone just saw Pretty Udon Girl's potential of being an actress! To cut the long story short on how i was discovered, I just heard my Very Kind Boss telling the regulars about the shooting being held in the other Lab. Being a Woman of Action, the response of my brain cells were as quicked as a lightning bolt that i never hesitated to rush in to the place where the shooting was being held. As i jolted in the Lab, the lights-men, directors, and make-up artists were so fascinated with my presence that they quickly positioned me to act for their upcoming promotion of my lovable company's latest technology. :)

The exciting experience started as they made me sit in front of the PC along with my colleagues. They started the shooting by, Lights, Camera, Action! with a huge professional video cam being focused at my back and zoomed in on the monitor screens. Then after 5 mins. or so, the shooting ended and was commanded to exit the Lab. It was indeed, a very great experience I would always cherish throughout my life. :)

Even though there was no talent fee to be given to us, i was kind enough to be able to share my talents and looks for the benefit of my lovable company. :)

With love,
Udon Girl

P.S.: Too bad to my Scoundrel Servant. She was absent for today because my Strong Incredible Virus were passed on to her that made her sick. Such a weakling, meh. Haha! I bet she will be depressed and probably envy me like an idiot when i told her how I will be appearing on TV! Nyihahaha!

Udon Girl

American Big Boss is Leaving my lovable company!

Yes, you've read it right. As a matter of fact, Handsome Steve would be transferred to Puerto Rico!

Now you might think I'm kidding, since I'm always kidding, but according to my reliable source, he had left already, no kidding!

I know it's very difficult to accept such a painful truth. Even I, myself, have been attached to American Big Boss too even in just a short time. Even after I saw his pissed face. Heh

But you might not be convinced enough about the news, since it's coming from me. But you haven't known my reliable source yet, because she's remarkably reliable! Just in case you're curious, she's one of the highly veritable gossip-mongers in the office!

As how I've got the news was totally an accident, and let me clear to you all that I DONT EAVESDROP. Since the regulars here often chat to build great teamworks, it just happened that they talked about Handsome Steve.

Oh well. Now that he'd left, I'm sure he'll miss the beauty of Filipinas. Ehem. The replacement is another American again. I just hope he's more gorgeous than Steve. Heh

People come and go.

And it makes me very, very sad, just to think that i won't be able to hear his skanky snort sweet giggles and his sarcasm cheerfulness.

Unlike many, many others, he is the only person who shares his food willingly to me when i have nothing then scorns me by all means on how i'm such a thick-faced glutton. He is indeed, a noble man whom i look up to the most.

My heart is painful now, so before i leave the office, i would like to write a poem tribute to him.

"Sir Ariel, Sir Ariel, Oh Sir Ariel,
Even though you're a direct descendant of Ampatuans, I still ain't scared!
You are magnanimous to everyone, even to your enemies
That's why i believe that you won't massacre us in the office!

Sir Ariel, Sir Ariel, Oh Sir Ariel,
We will miss you and your foods, so very, very much!
Your jokes were so funny, your laughter was so kinky.
Oh Sir Ariel, we will miss you so very, very much!"

With love,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl

Bald Mr. President

Bad news spread fast all over by the media saying Mr. President canceling the Aug. 23 holiday!!! Refer to the link here.

This is an utmost unjustness to laborers, like me, who laze around work hard everyday with unpaid OTs and minimum salary! I couldn't believe the President himself, who declares he cares for the masses, deprives us with a non-working holiday!

To propagate his malignity, I want to propose a strike on Aug 23!! I want my co-interns, and employees all over the Philippines to join me expose the President's unfair decisions!!

Let's be absent at work or take a sick leave with pay on Aug. 23!!!

With love and determination,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl

Blogging about the new guy.

Hello everyone! :)

I have been really busy at work recently, and have been working way past my working hours. But I don’t mind at all because I love my company and if I can contribute to the well-being of the company, I am most willing to put in the long, unpaid OT hours. Not that I will mind if it’s paid OT of course. But I’m really ok with unpaid OT too. Really. I really, really love this company :)

Anyway, that’s not what I want to talk about today. Today, I want to tell everyone about how wonderful the newly hired co-intern, Mapuan Hot Guy, is. You see, my Mapuan co-interns keep on persisting me about the new guy on how wonderful and gorgeous he is, and how i would be very, very, happy to have someone as hot as he is in our team. I've always been all alone in my tiny workstation, burying myself with the unsocial Transmitters and other devices, so having someone to share my lone times with would not be lonely anymore. :)

And just how I anticipated to meet him, he was transferred to another lab and group.

I'm still a lonely loner. :(

With love,
Udon girl

Some women are born in greatness. Some women achieve greatness. But I suspect most just have great piss trust upon them.

Sadly, I belong to the latter.

The reason why I said I got great piss trust upon me is because I’m typing this. I’m typing this because I am so miserble. When I worked OT last Friday, it was with the understanding that I’ll get a day off today. I thus can’t comprehend why I am typing this on the office PC yet again.

The scary thing is that I’m almost used to getting abused already. I was bullied by schoolmates from elementary till uni. I was bullied by sadistic sergeants in CAT. So I guess it’s no surprise that I’m desensitized to getting bullied by my colleagues.

“I’m surprised you haven’t tried jumping off a building or something,” commented an old friend over dinner the other day. “If I were you I probably would.” She said that almost nonchalantly before taking a bite of her sushi.

“I value life above everything else ok?”, I retorted after wolfing down my Katsudon. “My mum spent long months carrying me in her tummy, I can’t do that kind of thing to her!”

“Whatever,” said she after taking a sip of the green tea, “Besides, you’ll probably fail miserably and make a fool out of yourself if you did try jumping.”

I have no idea why I am still friends with Sadistic Friend.

With Love,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl

The Comeback.

Hi everyone!!! Yes, yes, i know it's been so longggg since i've been into blogging and I am very, very disheartened leaving you all, all of a sudden. But I have a very, very good reason for not updating: I got extended in my intern!!

To cut a long story short, The Boss told me he was really pleased with my performance during our Release Party when I sang and danced, entertaining our foreign directors with Lady Gaga's Telephone in a Karaoke (totally unrelated, but I would like to mention here that my Boss is a man of great virtue and intelligence). He decided that having me in such a short time is a very big loss to the company for a person of such incredibly high caliber (my words, not his, ahem).

I am pleased to announce here that I can now work hard more and receive a fat paycheck until my graduation. :)

But to be frank, I felt I did not deserve the extension because truth to be told, the best contribution I had for the company was to update my Facebook and Twitter status since I cannot improve the highscores in Minesweeper here (they don't install games here, lah). But the learning process The Boss gallantly enounced was just too tempting and so I couldn’t say ‘no’ to the MAN. I decided to make up for my past indiscretions by being doubly hard at work, which explains why i've been long gone to the blogging world. Yes, you probably can tell that I am a Changed Woman now. Pretty Udon Girl is now a Pretty Hardworking Man Woman :)!

Anyway, I don’t mean to brag, but being extended really has its perks. Not only did I get the above-mentioned learning increment, I also got to work OTs and be with the Typing-Maniac Ghost every night alone in the Lab. Plus, I get to bully more of my co-interns too!

But life isn't all that good. The only person who didn’t take too kindly to my extension was Bugoy. I swear man, this man is out to destroy my career. He told The Boss upfront that I wasn’t deserving of the promotion because I even attempted to burn up the whole San Miguel building. He even spread it to the other department's managers!!!

But that was completely an accident, my friends. You know how I can be stupid at times. Coz you see, we came from a very, very poor family that we do not own a Microwave at home. So I thought of heating a Pandesal and joyfully set the timer in 2 minutes. Just before the timer stops, smokes covered the whole pantry. And the smell of burnt food was enough to get the attention of our American Big Boss out of his oversized cubicle.

American Big Boss entering my favorite place (the pantry).

American Big Boss: What's happening?

American Big Boss: >:-(

Seriously, I was stunned in fear when I saw American Big Boss' fuming face.

Sad to say, my very kind Boss managed to dissuade Bugoy from leaving by bribing him with an extension too! I thought about reporting him to our Department Head or counter-propose by threatening to quit if he goes ahead with his extension, but decided not to because I am basically a very nice girl. :)

Anyway, I’ve resolved to make peace with Bugoy because now that I’m in such a good position, I can’t afford to be that petty anymore. I know he hates my guts because he thinks I slack at work, so over the past months I’ve been working very hard to correct that misconception.

Alas, I realized that it’s actually very hard to be hardworking because there really isn’t much work to be done in my company. But even though there are no opportunities for me to be hardworking, I’ve come to this realization that I have to appear hardworking anyway so that I won’t get despised by Bugoy.

Do wish me luck :D!!

With love,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl

My Very Fantastic Boss

Hello everyone :D!

I was about to leave for work today, when I suddenly miss my Boss very, very much, who took a leave for 3 days to attend her daughter's first day of school.He is really a very good man.

So I stayed back after office hours to compose a poem for him! I'm posting it here so that everyone will know what a wonderful man he is!

Oh Boss!
I have a most wonderful Boss!

His intelligence is comparable to Einstein’s! Because he knows how to fix the spoilt copier!
His foresight is farther than Stamford Raffles’! Because he makes big money at the stock market!
His jokes are funnier than Rowan Atkinson’s! Because his jokes never fail to make me laugh like an idiot!
His strength is mightier than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s! Because he helped me open that ketchup bottle!
His courage is higher than Jack Dawson’s! Because he has no fear of flying roaches!
His singing is better than Michael Jackson’s! Because he wins karaoke contests really often!
His cooking is tastier than Colonel Sanders’! Because his cooking is really tasty!
His magnamity is greater than Mahatma Gandhi’s! Because he forgives employees who make silly mistakes!
His looks are handsomer than Gerald Anderson’s! Because my mother told me so!

Oh Boss!
I have a most wonderful Boss!”

With love,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl

My happy working environment.

Hello everyone! :)

I just want to tell you guys that I really, really love my company. Just in case you're wondering, our company composes of hardworking people, so hardworking that right now, the regulars beside my station have been talking -in a language i do not understand, and laughing for 3 hours straight!!

For you to understand very well, chatting during working hours is very essential to the company, because it strengthens the bond of the employees. Thus, it forms incredible teamwork, and with incredible teamwork, it drives passion, and with passion, it advances the company into much greater success!

I'm really, really pleased that I am in a place in such a happy working environment! I really, really love my company. :)

With love,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl

The story of my misfortune

Not so good hello to everyone! :(

Today is a very, very bad day because I suck at microwave ovens again. For the second time around.

I'm not really sure what I was during my past life that the microwaves have these deep grudges thrown upon me.

As a matter of fact, i just tried to cook Nicholas' meal in a microwave safe plastic container when I set up the timer in less than a minute. And in that less than a minute, a small fire started fiercefully which burned the microwave safe plastic container!

Thank goodness i was monitoring the microwave that as soon as i saw the fire, I panicked crazily calling the attention of my superiors that hurriedly took out the fire in one blow!

Bugoy and Nicholas were constantly scorning me to our Department's Managers that i feel very. very much lamentable at my misfortune.

I am so, so miserable. :(

With love,
Udon Girl