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Udon Girl

Day 3: Farewell and Thank You.

"Nakakalungkot naman.." Is what my boss said.

As we sank on our own train of thought, we paused for a couple of seconds, looking down on our keyboard, until he finally let out a funny giggle. We resumed our work, finishing every job left to be done before i leave.

I never really thought i would somehow.. become attached to this company. Getting accepted here was even the farthest of my idea. I mean, how could a mere student in a small state university, get accepted in this big and competitive company? I remember the day when i was called for an interview. I was really, really, nervous.

I never knew it would be a panel interview until i entered the room. It was scary, and i just stood there, unable to utter a single word. Until one TL, he was a bit young, said I could take my seat. I sighed heavily, finding every courage hidden somewhere. Until the other TL, let out a smile, and jokingly said, "You don't have to be nervous. He's quite good looking, isn't he?" Everybody laughed, until I followed. The interview flowed with a series of questions and laughter. And it became more comfortable to me.. and fun too.

The interview ended smoothly. As i stepped out of the building, I looked at the clear sky and said to myself, if i didn't make it, atleast i gave my very best shot. It was such a fine weather i thought of taking a walk for a while. It wasn't bad.

I got a phone call later that afternoon saying i could immediately start on the next day. I jumped in joy and in disbelief. I did it. I thanked God I did it! It was such a blessing.

My stay in the company was really fun. Work, people, and the foods. Haha! My sole purpose in the beginning was just to gain experience, get paid, and then that's it. But I never expected to get along with everyone.

As days passed by, i met new people, and i've seen few who said goodbye just when you have become attached to them. It was really sad, and it was my first time to really grasp the reality, that people.. do come and go. But then life must go on. And as I've stayed longer, i've got a lot of chances to talk and hang out with many colleagues in the office. It was really fun on and off work. The laughter of Hot Young TL, the funny giggles of my Boss, the funny antics of the Upgrade Team inside the lab, the energetic foreign testers during the parties.. It was never boring working in the lab with them. I would surely miss them..

My bosses commemorated our leaving by treating us a coffee at Starbucks along with our team. It was nice and heartwarming as well. Being with everyone on our last working day, laughing and talking together.. It was harder to say goodbye.

We went back in the office afterwards. I went back to the lab and since it was kinda late, everybody had gone home and i was left alone inside. This time, i didn't get scared of Typing Maniac Ghost to might appear again, but wishing he would to say goodbye. I opened my TS one last time, rereading some of funny mails, and began typing my farewell note.

When i hit the send button, I turned off some monitors left opened, aligned the chairs, then packed up my things. I glanced one last time, lingering the silence, imprinting every moments in my memories, before i turned off the lights.

On my note, i said, farewell.. and thank you.

Udon Girl

Day 2: Shopping is love.

I went shopping. Shopping is the best medicine to mend a young girl's heart. It felt so, sooo good i didn't notice my savings went underbalanced.

Floral Dress from Red Chili = P799.75
Maong Blazer from Hot Kiss = P1,300.00
Black Cover Top from Hot Kiss = P549.75
Bootleg black pants from Lee Pipes = P1,100.00
Maskara from Etude House = P375.00
Lip liner from Etude House = P435.25
Liquid Eye liner from Etude House = P165.00
Lace Skirt from Forever 21 = P865.00
Red Skirt from Forever 21 = P999.00
Black Sweat Shirt from Forever 21 = P1,100.00

Maybe it's better to get myself a credit card.

With love,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl

Day 1: Foods are joy.

Today, i didn't feel like waking up and going to work. Eyes were still swelling from last night, and i felt like a loser. I checked the time, it's 9am. Shit, i'll be late.

I jolted and hurriedly ran to the bathroom, took a cat bath, didn't bother to brush my teeth nor touch my breakfast. I shoved my feet on my pair of chucks, ran accross the road and barricaded a jeepney.

whispered bloody hell on the traffic, cursed the elevator for being too slow, and i got in the office at exactly 10.03am. Shittt. salary deductions again.

if this is what they call divine retribution, i wonder if i have lived up to no good until now.

lunch time. i've decided to ditch my diet. cmon, im depressed, and when you're depressed, it's reasonable to treat yourself something nice.

so here's the list of my meal for lunch:

Double porkchop
2 bowls of java rice java rice paired with sunny side up
1 franks hotdog
1 large coke

as for merienda, i got an email from Allowance Processor stating another "Foods at 32nd Pantry."

The Food Scavenger team, which includes me, went straight downstairs and hoard on the tables and quickly grabbed the Nirvana.

On my plate i had:
1 heap of Spaghetti
4 slices of chocolate cake
2 cups of ice cream (the other one i got from Mr Cutie Pie)

Mum called when i was about to log out in the office, inviting me for a nice dinner at Almon Marina.

A package of Cholesterol, Carbs and Fats added on my list:
1 small plate of potato salad
1 platter of Lamb and Pork Kebab
Additional 1 cup of Java rice
1 sandwich of Tuna Melt
A cup of Hot Spanish Chocolate
1 slice of Very Berry Cheesecake

I was bloated. But very much satisfied. Ahhh, life is still so good!!

With love and kisses,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl

Parting Ways

Today, i wrote a letter and bid goodbye to a dearest friend. It wasn't easy.. there's no other way around anyway. You can't just keep someone forever. Seasons change and so are people. And moving on is the hardest part.

With love,
Udon Girl