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Udon Girl

Halloween Update

Hi all! :)

guess who won the female best in costume for halloween???? :D

for all you guys to know, i may not have worn a Disney Princess, but to hell i'm gonna wear a Sayote Costume. as a matter of fact, i wore something decent during Halloween. Thank goodness my team's theme for the event was Harry Potter characters. I was planning to portray Emma Watson but it was quickly slashed in my list since our team have decided on to give that role to Ms Gossip Girl since it suited more to her face.

so i thought i could portray Ginny but they have responsively decided it on someone whose face suitable.. same to Luna Lovemoon, and Cho Chang..

thus, i ended up with a male character. thank goodness i didn't end up on Sirius Black or Mad eye Moody, or worse. but like i said, it was a decent one. thus, i became Ron Weasley. :)

the sad thing is, no one had recognized i was Ron Weasley. when i quickly jumped out of the restroom, and roamed around the office to boast my costume, they were laughing at me saying, "Oh wow! Justin Bieber!"

i tell you, it sucks man. of all people, Justin Bieber?! i would be more proud if they recognized me as someone like, Brad Pitt, or.. Aaron Carter. Heh

but the thing is, no matter how unbelievable it may be, i got the prize for the best in costume. no wonder our CEOs (Terry and Lloyd) and Sir Art (our dept. manager) eye's were good and i really, really look up to them. they were great judges indeed. =)

i got a 200 worth of Starbucks GC for the prize. oh oh! im so excited to spend them for a cup of coffee and a donut! haha!

With love,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl

dropping out

how do you give up? is it done by deciding to give up and following through it? or is it by taking steps away from your true feelings?

i wonder if someday i will forget the sweet scent of his perfume, the feeling of his sweaty hands, and the warmth of his back..

i wonder if even this pain will all disappear and be forgotten.. all of it.. with nothing left behind.. almost like there was nothing there from the beginning.

Udon Girl

coffee break at work

it's been a lazy weekday at work. which is -- of course -- favorable to me. imagine this, i am being paid in full doing nothing but update my Facebook and Twitter status, visit Scoundrel Servant's workstation and annoy her, take a break for more than an hour twice during working hours, and play Justin Bieber songs in full volume using the office PC while my hardworking Boss is working his ass off, burning eyebrows in his humble workstation.

but actually, i have some pending tasks on queue. but being a test engineer has its perks. you think testing the devices can only be done intensively solely by human power? hum hum. you're way past the century honey. with the progressive innovation spreading nowadays, work can now be automated!

that's right! which just means that i can have the machine to work for me! see how beneficial and essential computers can be? i just couldn't fathom why some old geezers criticize our technology with a lame reasoning that it makes the human race lazy.

and now that i am slacking at work have my work done, i don't have to work OT anymore. i can now spend more time with my Honey, and sleep long.

it's been raining since yesterday. best time to curl up on my bed and borrow my Honey's Hotdog. :D

I mean it with Hotdog pillow you pervert.

With love,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl


Hi all! :)

i just have an exciting news to share to all of you, and i'm very, very excited right now to tell you guys this very, very exciting news. :)

this oct. 29, our beloved company will hold a halloween party!! and guess who's the host of the program?

of course, it's none other than me! and i've been thinking what to wear on that very special event! as a matter of fact, i have listed down the following options:

1. Snow White
2. Cinderella
3. Sleeping Beauty
4. Belle

just for you guys to know, it has always been my dream to become a Disney Princess, and so i thought this would be the perfect chance to make my dream come true.

but sadly, a wicked villain is always there to become an obstacle to one's advancement. Nicholas and Scoundrel Servant teamed up to drag me wear a Plants Vs. Zombies costume!!!!

and my dream to become a Princess was crossed out with a Sayote costume..

Oh i'm so, so miserable. :(

With sadness and despair,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl


your playlist was being played at the office a while ago. somehow, memories flashed back. those funny memories i've kinda missed..

Udon Girl

bummer office girl

new set of interviewees were toured around the office. so far, no new faces to inspire me to work. because the interviewees were my classmates and batchmates and im getting tired to see the same old faces. :(

what's more frustrating is that i'm doing the same thing at work, every single boring day, over and over again. soak, test, soak, test, soak, test. oh where thou excitement hath gone?

Scoundrel Servant said to do something exciting to keep you away from boredom. So far, i endured chatting with no one but my Scoundrel Servant, stuff myself silly with ice cream at ministop, pissed Bugoy, gullible enough to dance in the middle of the convenience store with Nicholas, pissed Bugoy again, then stuff myself silly with ice cream again.

Ah la la la boring life.

Udon Girl

Udon Girl

ending lies

"You're scared to do the right thing, but you're complacent to do the wrong thing?" --Nellie

this was the right thing to do. this was the right step to take. even though i was about to break his heart.

i went to meet him, and confessed everything what my conscience could no longer bear. what's causing my sleepless nights. i was unfair to him this whole time. i decided to end my lies.

after he listened. he turned his back on me without uttering a single word.. covered his face then cried silently. it must have been better if he blew steam on me. it must have been better if he got mad at me. it must have been better if he condemned me. but it was entirely different from what i've expected. that time.. i felt his love and pain.

"let's think about this first." was the only phrase he could yield to say. i cried heavily, thinking how could i have hurt him this much?

this must be the price.. but no matter what happens, i'll win him back.. definitely.

Udon Girl


on that day, when i decided to clear everything. my heart crushed into pieces.

i regret everything i've done. every betrayal i made, and how foolish i've become. i regret the fact for nearly throwing away the 7 years we've been through for the guy i've just known for 2 months.

is this how love really works? you thought he's the man of your life, and then someone will suddenly come to blow it all way.

i'm afraid.. that the feelings you've been holding close for such a long time will turn into lies.

Udon Girl

secrets and lies

in order for secrets to be forever hidden, you must be extra careful. build lies. erase everything. never leave a mark. lock it securely, bury the keys.

i thought i was doing well. but.. before you even know it, traces creep out one by one, leaving a trail for someone to find out. as if these marks wanted to be noticed, to pay the price for the debt you left behind.

a single lie can break a trust. a single lie can break a heart. a single lie can cut the string.

what i'm scared for is to break his heart. he never deserve to get hurt. and i can't afford to lose him either.