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Udon Girl

It's not my fault to be late actually.

Hi everyone!

I just unbelievably got a job despite of my sucky interviews. but not in the company i mentioned on the previous post, though they share the same name. heh

So it's my first day in the office.. and was late for 45 minutes. Of course, it wasn't intentional. Blame it to the savory Katsudon i had during lunch that i ordered seconds, and thirds... and eventually lost track of time.

But i did try to hurry when i even called a cab and spent my precious 100 bucks!

When i reached the bldg., I walked carefully without making a sound to the carpeted floor , passing by to Mr. Tan's office, which is my current boss, across to my workstation. And to my horror, Mr. Tan was already roaming around the work area.

Mr. Tan: I see you're late and i demand an explanation.

Me: I was caught in a traffic sir, on the way to Guadalupe. There was a huge smoke, and lots of fire trucks blocking the way!

Thank goodness my brain cells processed quickly.

Mr. Tan: Ah yes, I've heard it in the news a while ago. Next time, text me immediately when you're going to be late.

Ha! Even though it wasn't actually our route. Hehe. Thank goodness the cab driver turned on his radio and heard the news! I was able to reason out validly. :P

That Demon King must have been pissed for me to be able to get away on that. Bleh!

Udon Girl

suck up

im suffering from a major decision in my life.. whether to give up on something or take the risk.. but life itself is already a gamble.. what if you bet on something and you didn't win? you'll lose everything. but thinking about some alleviation that you'll get a chance to open another door is not always a wise decision.. i think..

today, i sucked up during the interview. and i was thinking of jumping off the bridge... or have myself hit by a car.. or stab myself with a knife.. but i don't want to add any more stupidity than i already have.

Interviewer A: What is your least likely to do in test?
Me: Doing the same thing over and over again.. It was boring.

Interviewer B: How did you manage to overcome that?
Me: By exploring more about the work, doing something else like, playing with this software, or doing something out of the test plan..

Interviewer B: If i would ask your friends about you, what would they say?
Me: That im friendly, cheerful. I can be reliable, sometimes not..
Interviewer B: Why not?
Me: Because sometimes, when they want me to do something i dont like.. i dont do it.
Interviewer: Why is that so?
Me: It doesn't interest me..

major, major lesson in life.. think before you speak!!

am i hopeless now?