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Udon Girl

Fck the long weekend. I dont have that.

While everybody is savoring the long weekend, I am stuck in the office, calculating and sizing of DP/mass flows and radar calcs. I've been burning my soul just to meet the deadlines of the projects from these unfriendly Sales Engineers with unreasonable demands.

3,000 transmitter tags in 2 days?! Do they even think I'm a human?!

I even received a call just now from De Becker asking for the status of the project.

And I was like. Sorry i couldn't understand your British accent. Are you hungry? Coz it seems like you're eating your words.

And even though I want to smack my scientific calculator on their thick face, I couldn't just do that. Not because of the "Think Customer" policy, but because they are million miles away.

I'm totally stressed out, and even though I want to use my remaining 4-day leave to fly off to some place peaceful and quiet, I have already allotted it to my upcoming certification exam..

Thinking about the double pay doesn't actually make me happy.

With triple angst,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl

fuuu day

I was already in front of our office building when Senior Office Bimbo called me that I don't need to come to work since it was already 3pm and somebody would be handling the urgent request.

And i was like..


Hi All...

I was in the middle of slouching in front of the TV, savoring my holiday, when Cat Eating Friend mailed me to come to the office at the instance. She said that Mr. Tan made a mistake for letting me take a leave when i shouldn't have to because nobody will take De Backer's request, and the deadline is today!

I felt like wringing Mr. Tan's neck or something...

I'm a certified lowly office dweller... :(

With angst,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl

1 day leave

Hi Everyone! :)

Today is a happy day, because today, I woke up at 12pm, then had my favorite spaghetti as brunch. And right now, I'm sitting in front of the computer and blogging!

It's not like i've been fired. Don't get me wrong, because despite of my spiteful working environment, and undeserved paycheck, I'm still a diligent office slave.

But today, thanks to Mr. Tan for being extra nice and granted me a 1 day vocation! i've been thinking of making my 1-day vocation to become something productive like eating and sleeping all day. :)

This is the fruit of being a diligent laborer. :)

With happyness and so much love,
Udon Girl

Udon Girl

No hope

The moment I stepped into the office, I swore to myself to change my image to become a Woman of Dignity and Virginity. Everybody were convinced at first. The interns offer their seat whenever the chairs were occupied during meetings. Mr. Tan always show his concerns whenever I come late in the office because he knew i'm a dedicated employee. Bald Boss greets me warmly whenever he pass by to my workstation. .. But my efforts were brutally crashed one fine day when my Batchmates were employed in our department...

Since then.. I've become the subject of harassment.. :"-(

I will no longer elaborate further here because just thinking about it makes me feel terrible.

There's no escape from the fate of the Demon King.

With pain,
Udon Girl