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Udon Girl


Hello and Happy Singles Awareness day everyone! Because i know most people are pretty much single. Heh

Of course, I consider Ulquiorra ~my true love~ , so it's not like 3d people matter anyway. Haha!

Frankly speaking though, Valentine’s got to be the suckiest holiday among holidays, because it’s not really a holiday. You get confronted by the horrible sight of couples getting all lovey-dovey on the trains. You get bombarded with icky yucky love dedications on the radio. And worst of all, you get overpriced food everywhere, except for KFC, which is one of the many reasons why KFC rocks :)

And the worst of all, why for the love of god, my Mum pushed me to get out from her stomach on this....day.

And to think after such a long time finding my Significant Other to be nowhere in sight, having a birthday on Valentines can make a very good excuse. Like when someone asked me if i got a date on Valentines, i could always say, "No lah, it's my birthday today. Many friends will come. Heh" And then right after hearing it, single people will come flocking onto me, expecting me to throw a birthday party to somehow ease their broken hearts. And it has always been like that.

Well, anyway. When I was younger, birthday greetings were very simple, and usually goes something like ‘Happy Birthday’.

Now that I’ve turned older, I realized that birthday greetings have evolved into something more complicated.

The following are some of the more, eh, complicated greetings I received today:

Harry Potter:
Happy Birthday Udon Girl, im hungry!!!

Scroundel Servant:
To my everdearest aliping saguiguilid, it's a sincere-heartfelt greeting of Happy birthday and Happy New year to you. Wahahahaha! see you tomorrow dude. froyos tomorrow. :)

Programming Stalker:
Either fake or true, i know you're still a cheapskate. haha! anyway, Happy birthday! SPY!

Evil Spinster:
Happy Birthday dudes! Do you have a date later? Or will we come bombarding you at your door? it depends on your Gay Crush, right? Does he have a date tom, or will he spend the evening at your house? We'll also come! haha! Take care, you're in danger on your birthday! lollls

Gay Crush's Current BF:
Happy birthday! Goodluck on your date tomorrow with Gay Crush! hahahahha!!! :))

Happy birthday friend! Expect 14 rounds today! >:)

Ex Crush With Regret:
Happy birthday to my number 1 fan! Your Old Man is so cool! Happy New Year! lolllll

How stupid of you changing your FB profile to October 10. Your face!!!

Happy birthday Pochi!! Now i know why your nose is heartshaped. Hahahahahaha! =) muwahh!!

And lastly, Someone Who Can't Be Named But My Dying Illusion To Be My Significant Other:
Hi Udon Girl! (aka gutomako) Happy Birthday! Godbless! Enjoy your day!

Hehe. No prizes for guessing who wrote the last greeting. Tee-hee!

With love,
Udon Girl