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Udon Girl

PDA is such a bland term.

today, I was at the bayside and saw a couple sitting alongside, kissing slowly.

it’s strange to watch emotional intimacy.

I mean, it’s one thing to watch movie stars with perfectly misshapen sex-hair and injected lips show off their practiced look of sly seduction and then pant & make out using every trick in the book for a fat paycheck- it’s another to see two strangers trying to express their absolutely inexpressible head-over-heels blind adoration for one another in the form of pressing lips and soft touches.

Udon Girl

Soul Searching?

I called in sick today at work. Even though i wasn't sick at all..

I'm not feeling good.. emotionally.

Udon Girl

Not so happy working environment anymore.

it's been 2 weeks since i last blogged.

it's been 2 weeks since Sir Jolly Bear Mapuan and Ms Suma Bully have left our beloved company.

the truth is, i still can't grasp the reality that they're gone. the times we've shared and the happy moments we've spent.. they still continue to follow me wherever i go in the office. whenever i enter the lab, the minute we ate our lunch, the second i looked back to his empty workstation. i could still see their silhouette and hear their playful giggles.

it's even  frustrating to think that any weeks from now, Mapuan Hot Guy, Ms Ex-Environmentalist, and Pilyong Kerubin will soon leave us too.

And what's more frustrating to think, is that I'll be left again with those bunch of jerks like Scoundrel Servant, Nicholas, and Bugoy. And the only thing that's gratifying enough is that Sweet Young FEU will stay to neutralize the bad vibes.

just like in the office a while ago.. Scoundrel Servant became even more scoundrel by messing my hair when i wasn't looking, Nicholas wringing my neck madly out of the blue, and exposing my embarrassing video in full volume when our bosses weren't around. Hence, making those jerks flock like an idiot, stupidly laughing out loud in the corner.

Just in case you become curious with that video. There's no way in hell i'll post it here even if you beg on your knees or lick my feet. But if you bid something like One Year Supply of KFC finger licking good, I might change my mind. :D

So anyway, the only fun thing happened in the office, is that i was able to sleep comfortably in my workstation for an hour, and in the CR for 45 minutes (beating my last record of 30 mins.). Other than that were hell and torture.

I miss Sir Jolly Bear Mapuan and Ms Suma Bully so very very much. :(

With love and sadness,

Udon Girl

Udon Girl

Welcome back Mapuans! We've missed you! :)

Hi all :(

The love team of Mapuan Hot Guy and Me was tore down. The crush thingy Mapuan Hot Guy pointed out on TV was, in fact, directed to my Scoundrel Servant. Even though I have no romantic feelings towards Mapuan Hot Guy, I was genuinely thrilled at the thought of someone having a crush on me. This is because it was always the other way round all my life. I thought there was finally someone who can see beyond my fugly fa├žade.


Oh well. Now that a new love team has been formed, I am uber kilig and excited to announce that Mapuan Hot Guy and Scoundrel servant are now officially the office's couple! :)

As a matter of fact, the reason why Mapuan Hot Guy is desperately extending his internship in the company, solely for the mere fact of being able to spend more time together with Scoundrel Servant for long. Because I cannot see any other reasons at all! It's not like he loves working here. DUHH? He's just even pretending to be hardworking when I saw him reading Manga and searching on MSN when nobody's looking. He's even an expert in alt-tabbing! And when my Boss was not around, he even left me with all those tangled wires when he was tasked to set up my workstation! He even poked my head in front of Sir Jolly Bear Mapuan!

That's why Scoundrel Servant and Mapuan Hot Guy create a lovely pair since they both enjoy bullying me. But alas, from now on, I'll build muscles regularly to withstand their pranks!

Anyway, I'm so glad the Mapuans were back from their three-day-trip to Baguio. I was very lonely yesterday I've so much missed Sir Jolly Bear Mapuan's impersonations. We were so quiet during lunch, and talked nothing but what might be their pasalubong for us the memories spent together with them.

And so we were really excited when they came back with pasalubongs to share, that made me forget my diet. :) I'm thankful they've come back whole despite the impending revenge of the Chinese. Whew.

The strawberry jams, the Lengwas, and the Choco flakes were really, really delicious they made my tummy very very happy. :)

With love,
Udon Girl

P.S.: Mapuan Hot Guy's pasalubong along with his baggages were snatched by some budol-budol gang when he went home!!!! That budol-budol gang must be having a feast by now yanking his undearwears. And i feel terribly wasted to his pasalubong for us, specially to the peanut brittles, and crinkles. I was even plotting to tease them harrasedly once he handed the pasalubong to Scoundrel Servant. So, so sad... :(