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Udon Girl

No hope

The moment I stepped into the office, I swore to myself to change my image to become a Woman of Dignity and Virginity. Everybody were convinced at first. The interns offer their seat whenever the chairs were occupied during meetings. Mr. Tan always show his concerns whenever I come late in the office because he knew i'm a dedicated employee. Bald Boss greets me warmly whenever he pass by to my workstation. .. But my efforts were brutally crashed one fine day when my Batchmates were employed in our department...

Since then.. I've become the subject of harassment.. :"-(

I will no longer elaborate further here because just thinking about it makes me feel terrible.

There's no escape from the fate of the Demon King.

With pain,
Udon Girl


  1. mots says at

    awww. lasunin ang mga batchmates na sumira sa virginal image mo!

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