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Udon Girl

Fck the long weekend. I dont have that.

While everybody is savoring the long weekend, I am stuck in the office, calculating and sizing of DP/mass flows and radar calcs. I've been burning my soul just to meet the deadlines of the projects from these unfriendly Sales Engineers with unreasonable demands.

3,000 transmitter tags in 2 days?! Do they even think I'm a human?!

I even received a call just now from De Becker asking for the status of the project.

And I was like. Sorry i couldn't understand your British accent. Are you hungry? Coz it seems like you're eating your words.

And even though I want to smack my scientific calculator on their thick face, I couldn't just do that. Not because of the "Think Customer" policy, but because they are million miles away.

I'm totally stressed out, and even though I want to use my remaining 4-day leave to fly off to some place peaceful and quiet, I have already allotted it to my upcoming certification exam..

Thinking about the double pay doesn't actually make me happy.

With triple angst,
Udon Girl


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